About us

Having worked for several years for a company in London providing jewellery display equipment, Stewart and Alison Harding decided to start a company of their own. They could then use their knowledge and expertise to provide a similar, yet wider range of services. They found their base in Staplehurst, Kent and Southern Gem Displays began trading in 1998.

Their aim has been to provide a bespoke service for jewellery display equipment with a personal service offering hand-made window displays using a wide range of fabrics and colours to customer specification.
To accomplish this they have their own in-house design and production team who specialise in design, fabric covering, carpentry/wood machining and spray finishing providing a large selection of wood, fabric, coloured and lacquered finishes.

Stewart and Alison will happily discuss your needs with a personal touch providing the benefit of their knowledge of stylish, contemporary designs to bring unique distinction to each customer.

Whether your store requires a totally new look or a few items for a new range, Southern Gem Displays could accommodate your needs as they provide regular services to multiples and independent jewellers alike.

The business has expanded rapidly and they have now built up regular distribution to prominent retailers throughout the British Isles and beyond via mail order and our online store

If you require an outstanding range of exciting designs and high quality products at affordable prices, for a friendly, efficient service order direct from Southern Gem Displays.